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BUBBLE iT with infused tea and apple

March 17, 2021

BUBBLe iT au thé infusé et à la pomme

Surprise your taste buds with the marriage of apple, infused tea, lemon... for a taste to bite into. Our prodigious bubbles come to sublimate the whole. Discover our recipe for an alcohol-free cocktail with infused tea and apple juice.

Before starting the preparation, make sure you have these ingredients:

Cut the half lemon into pieces and place them in a glass, then add the brown sugar and crush everything with a pestle.

Then mix the tea infusion and the apple juice. Add the ice cubes (whole or crushed, depending on your preference) and pour in your BUBBLE iT water. You can, if you wish, add a few slices of apple (which you will have cut very finely).

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