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    BUBBLE iT! is simple and fun:

    1. Fill the BUBBLe iT bottle! to the line with plain water (fresh if possible, it's better!)
    2. Pour the entire contents of the 2 BUBBLe iT! pouches in the bottle
    3. Immediately close the bottle - it's ready when the powders are dissolved!

    A few tips if you don't have the BUBBLe iT! bottle:

    • Take a 1 L bottle that closes - fill it to 900ml
    • Use a bottle with a wide mouth

    BUBBLe iT! is healthy!

    We use widely used food components:

    - potassium bicarbonate (often used in baking - moreover, potassium is a mineral salt which we are very often deficient in)

    - malic acid (organic acid from the apple, which is, for example, used in oenology)

    - natural flavors

    These products, in contact with water, produce effervescence.

    They are regulated at European level within the framework of the “Codex Alimentarius” and are not subject to any Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI).

    image showing the composition of the bubbleit recipe through several images such as: apple, sodium bicarbonate and dietary fiber


    BUBBLe iT!, your all-terrain companion

    You can of course drink BUBBLe iT! at least like any other sparkling drink: at the table, after meals to better digest, as an aperitif,...

    But its 100% nomadic character gives you the possibility of tasting it in many other ways:

    - At the office: 2 sachets in the pocket, and you have your sparkling drink for the day

    - For picnics, weekends, vacations

    - By boat (it's not for nothing that 5 sailors from the Vendée Globe fleet have adopted BUBBLe iT and taken it with them on their round the world sailing trip),...

    - In addition, BUBBLe iT! restores water loss after physical exertion. Moreover, sport accentuating muscle acidification, BUBBLe iT! can also alkalize and rebalance the muscle pH thanks to the malates present in the drink.


    Suggestions for tasting occasions? Experiences to share? Let us know.


    Julie's dream life with BUBBLe iT!