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Notre raison d'être : développer des boissons pétillantes saines pour la planète et ses habitants

An adventure that arises from the awareness shared by two friends, Jean-Michel and Antoine, already business partners,…

Flashback, many years ago: seized with a headache, one of the 2 accomplices has the idea (absurd!) of putting an effervescent tablet directly in the mouth.

Disastrous effect guaranteed, but memory engraved forever: it is possible to create effervescence from a simple pellet...

Back in 2018:

Their initial observation is unfortunately very sad: plastic bottles pollute the planet. The production and transport of bottled beverages pollutes the planet.

For Jean-Michel and Antoine, it's decided, they have to act. But how ? By stopping drinking soda water and all other types of sparkling drinks? Not very pleasing...

Finding no satisfactory solution on the market, they decided to create it: BUBBLe iT! was born !


The BUBBLe iT team!

Jean-Michel (Mines) & Antoine (ESSEC MBA) have been working together for 25 years, the last 15 of which at Chinguetti, their management consulting company with which they incubated and developed their first 2 projects: ZEbag© (manufacturing and marketing of a decoration/design product based on a patent) and French Addiction/Nulle Part Ailleurs (an iconoclastic wine brand and a concept of wine distribution to individuals).

And now they're both fully into the new BUBBLe iT! adventure with the firm intention of developing a business that also makes sense.



The image shows the 2 leaders of bubbleit: Jean-Michel and Antoine carrying a bubbleit box