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BUBBLe iT! Pack

This pack allows you to discover the entire BUBBLe iT range!

- 1 box of 6 doses of BUBBLe iT!, to make 6 x 900 ml of sparkling water

- 1 bottle of natural lemon flavor + 1 bottle of natural mint flavor (each bottle can flavor 25 liters of water)

- 1 bottle of La Responsable, a 100% biosourced plant-based bottle

Enough to fully enter the BUBBLe iT universe!

BUBBLe iT! is a source of potassium*.

BUBBLe iT! is salt-free.

Composition: bicarbonates, organic acids, natural flavors


* : BUBBLE iT! not suitable for heart or kidney failure patients

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