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BUBBLE iT!, the 6-dose case

After 3 years of research and with the help of several thousand of test customers, BUBBLe iT! is ready to conquer the planet (and help heal its plastic and CO2 wounds!)

The result ? A sparkling water, with fine and elegant bubbles and a subtle taste as discreet as possible (whereas BUBBLe iT! is rich in potassium) !

With this little box of BUBBLE iT! of 100g, you can make 6 x 900ml of sparkling water, as if a pack of sparkling water bottles were in your pocket!

Let yourself be tempted by a unique and fun experience by making at home (or anywhere!) your own refreshing and environmentally friendly sparkling water, without machine, without CO2 cartridge.

BUBBLE iT! is a source of potassium*.

BUBBLE iT! is salt-free.

Composition: bicarbonates, organic acids, natural flavors


* : BUBBLe iT! not suitable for heart or kidney failure patients

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