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Our prodigious tips for staying hydrated

March 31, 2021

Nos conseils prodigieux pour bien s'hydrater

Inadequate fluid intake can affect well-being, productivity at work, can cause fatigue, reduced attention and alertness. Even slight dehydration (1 to 2% of body weight) decreases physical performance and motor skills, as well as intellectual abilities.

Going a day without hydrating affects decision-making, concentration and memory capacities and makes anyone feel insecure since the lack of water reduces reaction skills (slowing down of reflex gestures), coordination and orientation. , especially when driving.

4 tips for staying hydrated:

  • Drink as soon as you wake up and in the morning before starting your work day.
  • At lunch and dinner, stay hydrated and favor foods rich in water, vegetables and fruits which cover around 20% of the day's water intake. Water and all BRSA (Refreshing Drink Without Alcohol ) contribute up to 80% of water needs.
  • On the move or without the possibility of leaving your post, remember to take BUBBLE iT! to keep hydrated.
  • In the afternoon and evening, continue hydration to compensate for water loss during the day.

During a sports activity, your body sweats in order to cool down and stay at a good temperature. The fact is that when you sweat, you lose not only water, but also minerals (sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium). This is why it is preferable to choose water rich in minerals in order to recover those lost during exercise.

BUBBLE iT!, by its composition, will provide you with minerals such as potassium and sodium, which reduce the acidity of the body, improve hydration and reduce muscle fatigue.

Our body loses on average between 0.5 and 1 Liter of water during moderate exercise, and up to 3L during intense exercise, so it is very important to stay hydrated to avoid the risk of heat stroke. Lack of hydration can lead to a decrease in physical capacity: a loss of water equivalent to 1% of our weight can lead to a 10% decrease in our physical capacity.

When you practice physical activity, it is advisable to drink the following quantities: Before exercise (≈ 500 mL 2 hours before), during (≈ 200 mL every 20 minutes) and after exercise, there is no single rule. It is especially necessary to drink before being thirsty (this feeling of thirst appears when we lose 1% of our weight in water).

Which waters are recommended for athletes?

After a good workout, your body needs to regain an acid-base balance, which diuretic waters rich in sulphates (such as Contrex, Courmayeur, San Pellegrino, Vittel) and waters rich in bicarbonates (such as : Vichy St Yorre, Vichy Célestins,... or BUBBLe iT! ).

Your body also needs a mineral load, which you can find in highly mineralized waters (like Contrex, Hepar, Rozana, Vichy St Yorre, Vichy Célestins, BUBBLe iT!).

You now know why it is important to stay hydrated and how to achieve it. Water is the most important element for life after oxygen, and allows you to take care of yourself naturally. Your well-being and your general shape will thank you!

If you know any tips for better hydration, don't hesitate to share them with us in the comments!

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