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The prodigious Spritz

May 19, 2021

Le Spritz prodigieux

Today, we are going to talk about the one who has managed the feat of dethroning the Mojito in our terraces: the famous and very popular SPRITZ! This Italian-Austrian cocktail, in vogue for a few years, is the subtle marriage between a sparkling white wine, a bitter alcohol and a splash of sparkling water. The combination of a slight bitterness and the vivacity of the bubbles has succeeded in filling many people to the point of becoming one of the favorite drinks of Europeans.

To make this recipe you will need the following ingredients:

With Apérol, your spritz will be rather sweet and very orange. With Campari , the color is bright red and the result more bitter. For the adaptations of a more complex Spritz with more subtle aromas, we recommend the Cynar. In French version, you can try with Salers .

In a wine glass, you then make your Spritz. First, place the slice of orange in the bottom of this glass and fill your glass three-quarters full of ice cubes.

Pour the 4 cl of Apérol (Campari or Cynar, according to your convenience) and then add 6 cl of Prosecco, then top up with a dash of sparkling water BUBBLe iT! Nature.

Mix everything well with a spoon. Plant a straw and sublimate everything with a sprig of rosemary

Your Spritz is ready to bring you a little Dolce Vita to your aperitif!

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