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The benefits of bicarbonates on our health

April 15, 2021 2 Comments

Les bienfaits des bicarbonates sur notre santé

The formulation of BUBBLE iT! contains, in particular, sodium and potassium bicarbonates. Often overlooked, the nutritional and health benefits of bicarbonates are nevertheless numerous.

A product that is safe and good for your well-being:

pH, or hydrogen potential, measures the acidity or basicity of a solution. Its value varies from 7 to 14. A solution is said to be "acidic" when its pH is less than 7, that it is "basic" (or "alkaline") when its pH is greater than 7 and that it is "neutral" when its pH is equal to 7.

Bicarbonates are basic: when their concentration increases, the pH also increases. Conversely, when their concentration decreases, the pH acidifies.

The human body exhibits a natural alkaline (basic) state. The vital processes take place there in a balance (homeostasis) and a stable blood pH at 7.3 / 7.4.

The bicarbonates present in the blood play a major role in regulating blood pH: they constitute the body's main “buffer” by neutralizing excess acid. Their concentration in the blood is directly proportional to the pH.

It is mainly the kidneys that regulate the concentration of blood bicarbonates, promoting their retention or excretion.

It is established that our modern diet sins by excess of proteins (provided by meat, dairy products, eggs,…), fast sugars (industrial pastries, various snacks,…) and by deficits in fresh fruits and vegetables. However, proteins and sugars are acidifying, whereas it is in fruits and vegetables that we draw the bases (and in particular the bicarbonates) making it possible to compensate for the acidifying factors.

However, several studies have shown that the vast majority of us are faced with a slightly acidic metabolic pH which affects our body's resistance and its immune defences. This slight acidity ("acidosis") is strongly suspected of promoting:

    • muscle wasting;
    • Cardiovascular disorders (high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack);
    • Kidney stones (crystallization of uric acid)
    • and, above all, osteoporosis and joint problems, since if the diet is too acidifying, the body draws from the bone tissue the calcium bicarbonates it needs to neutralize this acid load: bone density decreases and the bones are weakening...

Thus, a reasonable consumption of bicarbonated waters makes it possible to reduce the acidity produced by a diet rich in protein and can be beneficial for the metabolism.

Bicarbonates can also soften and calm heartburn: pH regulators used to combat acidity, associated with water, and prescribed in combination with certain treatments against gastric acidity, they facilitate and relieve digestion.

Waters rich in bicarbonates could allow better emptying of the stomach.
They would also modify the feeling of heaviness after the meal.

In summary, the role of bicarbonates in human biochemistry highlights their importance in the acid-base balance of the blood. Blood pH must be maintained around 7.3/7.4 to be compatible with life. Indeed, they exert a buffer activity on the acids coming from the biological function of the organism or from the food that we absorb every day. *

Maintenance, well-being, cooking... from teeth whitening to relieving heartburn and neutralizing bad smells, sodium bicarbonate is used for almost everything. Directly powdered or dissolved in water, the list of its uses is almost endless.

In the kitchen, bicarbonates work miracles

Bicarbonates are commonly used in cooking. You can use it, for example, to wash your vegetables, by soaking them for a few minutes in 1 liter of water with a teaspoon of baking soda added. You can also replace yeast with baking soda to obtain a light and moist cake, cook your vegetables, tenderize your meats, or bind sauces by adding baking soda during cooking.

A little advice, between us, if you are making a tomato sauce or a homemade jam, and you feel an unpleasant acidity, you can use sodium bicarbonate, which will limit this acidity for sure (add a teaspoon on the cooking and That's it).

Finally, the bicarbonates make it possible to obtain the bubbles BUBBLE iT! : infinitely sparkling and slightly saline.

So, to all the people who are skeptical about the composition of our bubbles, you can go there with your eyes closed, you risk nothing. BUBBLE iT!, is a skilful blend of food products that exist in nature. They are perfectly accepted by European legislation / codex alimentarius, without the limit of acceptable daily intake.

From the point of view of food, what should be remembered is that bicarbonates fight gastric acidity. And that we can find these bicarbonates in the form of powders (food bicarbonates) or in mineralized waters or drinks.

*Sources: Corinne Fernandez – Nutritionist; Pauline Jouët, gastroenterologist; communication by Dr François Raoux - Neptune scientific unit; Nicolas Palangié – the Bicarbonate Company

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March 22, 2023

C’est Top


March 22, 2023

Moi j’ai essayé le bicarbonate de soude, je bois un verre d’eau avec un 1/2 cuillerée à café dans un verre d’eau et le tour est joué : je n’ai plus ressenti d’aigreur ni de reflux gastrique et je dors paisiblement.

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